Bugatti Phi Phi
Sales application for luxury resort on Phi Phi islands
Made in Ghent - 2012

Client: Beach Projects
Project: Nanopixel
3D Images: Nanopixel
Design: We Work We Play
Development: We Work We Play
It’s hard to explain what the Bugatti Retreat will offer without this 360 panorama iPad application. With over 50 panoramic images it makes it possible to discover how the resort with it’s private beach, luxurious appartments and lush, tropical gardens will look like.

The iPad application we created let’s you look around in all directions, making you feel like you’re really there. Hotspots allow you to go from point to point, the map let’s you jump to any place on the island. We’ve also included the ability to view the four interior finishes buyers could choose from.

As a salestool the iPad application is very effective in a one-on-one situation where the client can hold the iPad and explore. For situations where a salesperson needs to give a tour to multiple people we created a TV Viewer. It works very much like Airplay but with much better image quality and no delay.