We Work We Play is a creative duo
ready to work wonders.
Thijs Bernolet
Valentijn Kint
We currently have a full-time commitment with Autodesk Inc.
As part of the 123D Circuits team we are creating the largest open
hardware community on the web.

We are currently based in San Francisco USA, originating from Ghent, Belgium

We currently don't accept new projects, but below you can read
what we did for other clients so far.
Taking an existing product to a new level
We helped Benjamin and Karel take circuits.io to a whole new level. The speed of execution and quality was noticed by Autodesk who bought the company soon after our work on the project had ended. We redesigned the entire site, set out a roadmap for a consistent UX in all the tools and took on the front-end programming, server setup and speed optimisations.
Something worth sharing
For Amatorski we created an online music sequencer that allowed visitors to compose a song while creating artwork based on their own pictures from Facebook. The website attracted almost 100.000 viewers from which 10.000 clicked through to the iTunes Store. The project also received numerous awards.