Phantom Twitter Followers
Get the number of Twitter followers without a twitter app or API using PhantomJS or cURL

How to get the number of twitter followers without a twitter application on the twitter API

Option 1: PhantomJS

1. Download and extract PhantomJS

You can download the latest version from:

2. Phantom Script

Copy this into a directory along with your PhantomJS binary and name it "weworkwefollow.js" (or something)

3. Command

test the script using this command; replace PATH_TO_PHANTOMJS with the path to the directory you've stored your phantomJS binary, give the twitter usernames as command line arguments to the script



phantomjs weworkwefollow.js weworkweplay pharrell nosajthing bibio

4. Output

the script returns a JSON, something like this:


5. Example using PHP

Small example in php that you can use in a cronjob or as a async javascript call on your site:

Option 2: cURL

As someone on reddit suggested you can also easily scrape a page using cURL

1. Install cURL

on ubuntu just apt-get install with:

sudo apt-get install curl

2. Single command line power!

curl | grep js-mini-profile-stat | grep followers | awk 'gsub(/.*title="|" class.*/,"")' >> output.txt

This will scrape the page and output the number of followers to a text file. You can then easily add this to your crontab and voila, you got yourself a twitter scraper!

Written by Thijs Bernolet