123D Circuits
UX Design and full stack development
Made in Ghent - 2013

Client: Autodesk - Circuits.io
Design: We Work We Play
Development: WWWP + Circuits.io
123D Circuits wants to be the largest open hardware community on the web, with free collaborative circuit design tools and easy PCB manufacturing.

The website includes a breadboard editor with realtime simulation and ability to debug Arduino Code, an advanced Schematic Editor and easy-to-use PCB Editor.

Circuits.io was founded in fall 2012 by Karel Bruneel and Benjamin Schrauwen. In the summer of 2013 a partnership with Autodesk resulted in funding to add more features and integrate it in their 123D App suite, a group of services targeting the upcoming wave of Makers and The Internet of Things.

For months we worked as consultants to take the website to a whole new level. We did a complete redesign, set out a roadmap for a consistent UX in all the tools and took on front-end programming, server setup and speed optimisations.

The vast improvements in a short period of time haven’t gone unnoticed by Autodesk who acquired the company soon after the project had finished. As of January 2014, we are thrilled to continue work on the platform as part of the 123D Circuits team.

As part of this employment we're on track to relocate to San Francisco in Fall 2014.