Awareness Award
Microsite for design competition by Associated Weavers
Made in Ghent - 2013

Client: Associated Weavers Europe
Design: We Work We Play
Development: We Work We Play
Awareness Award is an annual design competition that rewards creative re-use of carpet waste for new innovative products.

The competition is organised by Associated Weavers Europe, one of the biggest producers of broadloom carpet in Europe. By organizing the competition AW raises awareness of the waste problem and introduces the concept of ‘upcycling’ to the wider public.

AWE approached us to create a website that would get the creative juices of the participants flowing. Based on their existing Awareness Award brand we created a minimal site with a playful canvas of threads, inspired by some of the factory processes. A soundtrack on the application page sets the mood for this years theme.

The <canvas> element keeps track of a giant array with every new point that is added. Every 1/30 sec we add a new point in a random direction around the previous point (inside the predefined bounds of the canvas). Next we search the whole array for possible connections with a previous drawn point. We calculate the chance that the 2 points can be joined together using the distance between the two points (they have to be far enough from each other to be able to draw a line) divided by a random threshold to make it more organic.

To finish, we put all this random movement in a class object and execute it a number of times, dependant on how many walkers or boids we want to see on the screen.